WinLexic – Corporate License: 5 PCs

Introducing WinLexic 2005 – the ultimate tool for technical translators and translation agencies looking to streamline their workflow and improve consistency in multilingual terminology. With its user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI), WinLexic provides easy access to Microsoft Glossaries, which are a treasure trove of information for anyone working with Microsoft software products.

One of the main strengths of WinLexic is its built-in FTP client, specially configured to access Microsoft’s FTP server and mirrors. This eliminates the need to purchase separate FTP client software, saving users approximately USD30 and reducing the hassle of downloading and interpreting large glossaries. With the ability to automatically resume broken transfers, WinLexic ensures a seamless and efficient downloading process.

Searching through multiple glossaries can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if done manually with programs like NotePad or Microsoft Excel. WinLexic simplifies this process by allowing users to search through multiple Microsoft glossaries simultaneously. With features like Source/Target search, whole word search, and case-sensitive search, WinLexic offers a comprehensive search functionality that enhances productivity and accuracy.

Ideal for technical translators and translation agencies, WinLexic is a must-have tool for anyone looking to work more efficiently with Microsoft glossaries. Say goodbye to manual searches and tedious downloads – with WinLexic, you can streamline your workflow and focus on what truly matters: delivering high-quality translations.

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