WinLexic – Corporate License: 2 PCs

WinLexic 2005 is the ultimate tool for technical translators and translation agencies looking to streamline their workflow and improve consistency in terminology usage. With a user-friendly GUI, this software provides access to Microsoft Glossaries, which are essential for anyone working on translations of Microsoft software products.

One of the biggest strengths of WinLexic is its built-in FTP client, configured to access Microsoft’s FTP server or its mirrors. This eliminates the need to purchase additional FTP client software, saving users approximately $30 and reducing the hassle of downloading and interpreting large glossary files.

Searching through multiple glossaries can be a tedious task if done manually using programs like NotePad or Microsoft Excel. WinLexic simplifies this process by allowing users to search through multiple Microsoft glossaries simultaneously. It also offers a variety of search options, such as Source/Target search, whole word search, case-sensitive search, and more.

This Corporate License of WinLexic allows for installation on 2 PCs, making it ideal for small translation teams or individual professionals working on multiple devices. Whether you are a technical translator, a translation agency, or anyone else in need of multilingual terminology used in Microsoft software products, WinLexic is a valuable tool that can save you time and improve the quality of your translations.

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