WinLexic – Corporate License: 4 PCs

Product Review: WinLexic – Corporate License: 4 PCs

WinLexic 2005 is a powerful tool designed for technical translators and technical translation agencies. It provides a user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) to access Microsoft Glossaries, which are essential for anyone working with multilingual terminology in Microsoft software products.

One of the key strengths of WinLexic is its built-in FTP client, configured to access Microsoft’s public FTP server or its mirrors. This eliminates the need to purchase additional FTP client software, saving users approximately USD30 and reducing the hassle of downloading and interpreting large glossary files.

WinLexic stands out for its speed and efficiency in searching through multiple Microsoft glossaries simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to quickly find specific terms or phrases across different languages. The software also offers a range of search options, including Source/Target search, whole word search, case-sensitive search, and searching for the presence of two terms or phrases in a single string.

Overall, WinLexic is ideal for technical translators, language professionals, and anyone who regularly works with multilingual terminology in Microsoft software products. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive search capabilities, and time-saving features make it a valuable tool for streamlining the translation process and ensuring consistency in terminology usage.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient solution for accessing and searching through Microsoft Glossaries, WinLexic is a must-have tool for your translation toolkit. With a Corporate License for 4 PCs, you can ensure that your team has access to this powerful resource, enhancing productivity and accuracy in technical translation projects.

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