Genealogy: Getting Back Before 1837 in England & Wales Free Download

Genealogy: Getting Back Before 1837 in England & Wales

Product Review: Family Tree Audio Podcast

If you’re a family history researcher who has hit a brick wall in your English/Welsh genealogy research, the “Getting Back Before 1837 in England & Wales” audio podcast is the resource you need. Priced at $12.54 (approximately £7.47 in sterling), this one-hour tutorial is designed to help you untangle the roots and branches of your family tree that date back before 1837.

What’s Inside

This audio podcast provides valuable information on pre-1837 family history research, a time period that often presents challenges to researchers due to the lack of census collections for England & Wales and General Register Office vital records. The tutorial covers the use of key pre-1837 records, both online resources and those that may require a visit to a local studies center or record office.

Family History Monthly praised the tutorial, stating that “some good teaching points are made.” This audio podcast is a comprehensive guide that will help you navigate through the complexities of pre-1837 genealogy research.

Benefits of the Audio CD

If you prefer a physical audio CD to listen to, the “Getting Back Before 1837 in England & Wales” tutorial is also available in this format. Simply visit the website to purchase the CD and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Why You Need This

Whether you’re a beginner in family history research or an experienced genealogist looking to break through a brick wall in your research, this audio podcast is a valuable resource. With detailed information and expert guidance, you’ll be able to uncover new leads and make progress in your English/Welsh genealogy research.

Don’t let the challenges of pre-1837 research hold you back. Get your hands on the “Getting Back Before 1837 in England & Wales” audio podcast and take your family history research to the next level.

Disclaimer: This review is based on personal research and experience. Prices and availability are subject to change.

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