Data Logger Suite Enterprise

Product Review: Data Logger Suite Enterprise

Data Logger Suite Enterprise is a powerful software complex designed to monitor, log, and save any serial data transmitted or received via RS232, TCP/IP, UDP, or OPC serial interfaces. This full-featured software is perfect for businesses and professionals who rely on accurate and reliable data logging for their operations.

– Supports various serial interfaces: Data Logger Suite Enterprise supports a wide range of serial interfaces including RS232, TCP/IP, UDP, and OPC. This versatility allows users to easily monitor and log data from different sources.
– Windows compatibility: This version of Data Logger Suite is compatible with Windows 2000 and higher service mode, making it suitable for a wide range of users.
– Plugin support: The software supports all types of plugins, allowing users to customize and expand its functionality according to their specific needs.

Who should use it:
– Industrial automation professionals: Data Logger Suite Enterprise is ideal for professionals working in industrial automation who need to monitor and log data from various serial interfaces.
– IT professionals: IT professionals can also benefit from using Data Logger Suite Enterprise to monitor and log data transmissions in their network.
– Researchers and scientists: Researchers and scientists who need to collect and analyze data from different sources can use Data Logger Suite Enterprise for their data logging needs.

Overall, Data Logger Suite Enterprise is a reliable and versatile software complex that is suitable for a wide range of professionals. With its support for multiple serial interfaces, Windows compatibility, and plugin support, this software is a valuable tool for monitoring and logging data in various industries.

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