Advanced OPC Data Logger Professional

Introducing the Advanced OPC Data Logger Professional, a powerful tool designed to interact with OPC servers, aggregate real-time data, and write it to various targets such as text log files, Excel, MSSQL, MySQL, ODBC databases, and more. This versatile program is perfect for industries utilizing SCADA systems, as it seamlessly integrates with your existing setup to provide comprehensive data logging capabilities.

Strengths of the Advanced OPC Data Logger Professional include its support for OPC DA 1, OPC DA 2, OPC HDA 1, and OPC AE 1, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of OPC servers. This allows users to easily connect to and collect data from a variety of industrial automation devices, making it an essential tool for monitoring and analyzing processes in real-time.

Who should use the Advanced OPC Data Logger Professional? This product is ideal for system integrators, industrial automation professionals, and anyone in need of a reliable data logging solution for their OPC server. Whether you are looking to track performance metrics, troubleshoot issues, or simply maintain accurate records of your industrial processes, this advanced data logger has you covered.

In conclusion, the Advanced OPC Data Logger Professional is a must-have tool for those seeking a robust and efficient data logging solution for their OPC server. With its extensive support for OPC protocols and seamless integration with SCADA systems, this program is an invaluable asset for industries looking to optimize their operations and streamline data collection processes. Try it out today and experience the power of real-time data logging at your fingertips.

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