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Product Review: OPC Logger ActiveX


OPC Logger ActiveX is an ActiveX component designed to work seamlessly with Advanced OPC Data Logger. It allows users to retrieve data from an OPC server or access processed data in addition to the standard export tools offered by Advanced OPC Data Logger.


One of the key strengths of OPC Logger ActiveX is its ability to enhance the functionality of Advanced OPC Data Logger. It serves as an additional integration method for the software, making it easier to read data from an OPC server and transfer it to popular programs such as Microsoft Office, MatLab, and LabVIEW.

Who Should Use It

OPC Logger ActiveX is ideal for users who are already utilizing Advanced OPC Data Logger and are looking to expand its capabilities. It is particularly useful for those who need to access OPC server data in real-time and integrate it into various applications for analysis and monitoring purposes.

When to Use It

Users should consider using OPC Logger ActiveX when they require a more efficient and reliable method for retrieving data from an OPC server. Whether you are working on a complex industrial automation project or conducting scientific research, this ActiveX component can streamline the data logging process and facilitate seamless communication between different software platforms.

Overall, OPC Logger ActiveX is a valuable tool for enhancing the functionality of Advanced OPC Data Logger and simplifying data retrieval from OPC servers. Its versatility and ease of use make it a must-have for users in various industries who rely on accurate and timely data logging.

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