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Product Review: RS232 Logger ActiveX

RS232 Logger ActiveX is an essential ActiveX component that works seamlessly with Advanced Serial Data Logger. It allows users to easily retrieve data from RS232 or COM ports, as well as access processed and converted data. This component enhances the standard export tools in Advanced Serial Data Logger, making it a valuable addition for those in need of efficient data logging.

Strengths of RS232 Logger ActiveX

  • Works seamlessly with Advanced Serial Data Logger
  • Allows easy access to data from RS232 or COM ports
  • Enhances data logging capabilities with processed and converted data
  • Optimal integration for Microsoft Office, MatLab, and LabVIEW

Who Should Use RS232 Logger ActiveX?

RS232 Logger ActiveX is ideal for individuals or businesses that rely on data logging from RS232 or COM ports. It is especially beneficial for those who work with Microsoft Office, MatLab, or LabVIEW and require a seamless integration method. Whether you are a data analyst, software developer, or hardware engineer, RS232 Logger ActiveX can streamline your data logging processes and enhance your workflow.


Overall, RS232 Logger ActiveX is a powerful tool for extending the functionality of Advanced Serial Data Logger. With its seamless integration capabilities and easy access to data from RS232 or COM ports, it is a valuable addition to any data logging toolkit. Whether you are looking to enhance your data logging capabilities or streamline your workflow, RS232 Logger ActiveX is a reliable solution for all your data logging needs.

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