Upgrade: VideoCAD Professional with HID protection to VideoCAD 11 Professional with Dongle protection (Dongle delivery via Express Mail Service is included)

Upgrade to VideoCAD 11 Professional with Dongle protection for enhanced security and efficiency in your camera installation projects. VideoCAD is a powerful software that allows you to accurately plan and design camera installations for optimal surveillance coverage. With features such as choosing the most suitable lenses, heights, and locations for camera installation, calculating camera control areas, and modeling depth of field, VideoCAD ensures that you achieve the required parameters for detecting and identifying people and license plates.

Who should use VideoCAD 11 Professional? Security system integrators, CCTV installers, and surveillance system designers will benefit greatly from this software. By visualizing camera positions, control areas, and cable layouts, you can streamline your project planning process and ensure that every aspect of your surveillance system is carefully considered.

With the ability to import CAD files, create 3D models of real scenes, and model camera, lens, and DVR parameters, VideoCAD provides a comprehensive solution for designing efficient and effective surveillance systems. The software also allows you to export drawings, text files, and tables for documentation and installation instructions, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of disputes with clients.

Upgrade to VideoCAD 11 Professional with Dongle protection today and take your camera installation projects to the next level. With improved security, advanced features, and a user-friendly interface, this software will help you save time, cut costs, and deliver high-quality surveillance solutions to your clients.

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