Upgrade: VideoCAD, any version with dongle to VideoCAD 13 without dongle

Product Review: Upgrade to VideoCAD 13 without Dongle

Are you looking to take your CCTV design to the next level? Look no further than VideoCAD. This powerful tool allows you to calculate view area and camera arrangements with ease, making even complex CCTV designs simple and efficient.

Strengths of VideoCAD:
– User-friendly interface: Even beginners can take advantage of VideoCAD’s advanced features.
– Boosts CCTV quality: VideoCAD takes CCTV design to a new level, surpassing competitors without the program.
– Comprehensive calculations: Choose the most suitable lenses, heights, and locations for camera installation to meet your specific requirements.
– Real-time results: All calculations are real-time, allowing you to see the impact of each parameter on the final design.

Who should use VideoCAD:
– CCTV designers looking to improve the quality and efficiency of their designs.
– Beginners in CCTV design who want to access advanced features and calculations.
– Those looking to save time and reduce the amount of controversial situations with customers.

When to use VideoCAD:
– When designing CCTV systems of any complexity and functions.
– When choosing camera locations, lenses, and heights.
– When calculating view area projections and object sizes on a display.

Upgrade to VideoCAD 13 without Dongle for even more advanced features and capabilities. Take your CCTV design to the next level with VideoCAD.

Download the demo and see for yourself the power of VideoCAD.

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