VideoCAD 7 Starter II Kit (VideoCAD Starter II + IP Camera CCTV Calculator)

Are you looking for a professional tool to help you plan and design your CCTV camera installations? Look no further than the VideoCAD 7 Starter II Kit, which includes the VideoCAD Starter II software along with the IP Camera CCTV Calculator.

VideoCAD 7 Starter II is a powerful tool that allows you to choose the most suitable lenses, heights, and locations for camera installation to meet the required view area parameters. With this software, you can easily calculate the horizontal projection sizes of view areas and display different regions of spatial resolution and field-of-view size in separate colors. The graphics window with CAD interface makes it easy to visually choose the relative location of cameras on your layout.

This kit also includes the IP Camera CCTV Calculator, which allows you to locate cameras on prepared layouts in various formats such as BMP, JPG, AutoCAD DWG, and AutoCAD DXF. You can export your drawings into BMP or JPG formats and even save them with resolutions exceeding Windows screen resolution. Additionally, you can copy the camera list with important parameters to MS Excel, MS Word, and other software for further analysis.

By using the VideoCAD 7 Starter II Kit, you can construct three-dimensional models of real scenes and use various 3D models such as people, cars, furniture, and more. This can help you save costs and win tenders by reducing the number of cameras required in your projects while increasing their efficiency. You can also save time, improve design quality, and resolve customer issues more quickly with this comprehensive kit.

Overall, the VideoCAD 7 Starter II Kit is a must-have tool for security professionals, CCTV installers, and anyone involved in camera installations. Whether you are designing a new security system or upgrading an existing one, this kit will help you plan and execute your projects with precision and efficiency. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for your CCTV projects.

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