VideoCAD 13 Professional. Permanent license.

VideoCAD 13 Professional is a powerful software tool designed for professionals in the security and surveillance industry. With a permanent license, VideoCAD offers a wide range of features to help users design and plan camera installations with precision and accuracy.

One of the key strengths of VideoCAD is its ability to calculate the most suitable lenses, heights, and locations for camera installation to meet specific requirements for view areas, detection, and identification of individuals and license plate reading. The software can also calculate the horizontal projection of camera control areas, taking into account shadows from obstacles in the scene.

VideoCAD allows users to display different regions of spatial resolution and field-of-view size using separate colors and hatch styles, making it easy to visualize and plan camera installations. The software can also calculate the image size on display of any object in the camera view area in various units, such as pixels, TV lines, and millimeters.

Who should use VideoCAD? Security consultants, system integrators, and CCTV installers can benefit greatly from this software. It is ideal for those who need to design and plan camera installations for surveillance systems in various environments, such as parking lots, warehouses, retail stores, and more.

Overall, VideoCAD 13 Professional is a comprehensive tool that can help users save time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their design projects. By utilizing the advanced features of VideoCAD, users can create detailed layouts, calculate camera parameters, and model real scenes with precision and accuracy. Whether you are designing a new surveillance system or optimizing an existing one, VideoCAD is a valuable tool that can help you achieve your goals efficiently.

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