Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that empowers knowledge workers to fully utilize the Collaborative Knowledge Management and Social Networking features of SharePoint. This suite makes it easy for users to tag content manually and automatically, enhancing knowledge browsing, page navigation, content discovery, and search capabilities.

One of the key strengths of this suite is the Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint, which allows users to efficiently manage the Term Store with additional managed metadata properties, tagging rules, term set export, import, and update functionalities. This makes it easier for users to organize and categorize content effectively.

The Tag Suggester for SharePoint is another valuable feature that displays a suggestion list of appropriate terms while tagging an item or document. This helps users tag content accurately and consistently based on given Term Store taxonomies, tagging rules, item properties, context, and document content.

For users looking to automate the tagging process, the Auto Tagger for SharePoint is a handy tool that tags items and documents in the background without any user interaction. This feature can be particularly useful for initial tagging after content migration or for daily background operations.

In addition to these features, the suite also includes Tag Navigation, Tag Directory, Tag Cloud, and Related Content Web Parts for SharePoint, which further enhance content discovery and navigation using the managed metadata taxonomy tree.

Overall, the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite is a must-have for organizations that rely on SharePoint for knowledge management and collaboration. It is best suited for knowledge workers who need a robust tool to efficiently tag, organize, and discover content within their SharePoint environment. The solution is developed 100% based on the SharePoint Enterprise Metadata Management API, and is compatible with SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016.

In conclusion, the Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that streamlines knowledge management processes and enhances the overall user experience within SharePoint.

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