Layer2 Tag Suggester for SharePoint

The Layer2 Tag Suggester for SharePoint is a powerful tool that automates the process of tagging items and documents in Microsoft SharePoint. By analyzing taxonomies, managed metadata, and document properties, this tool offers a set of relevant category or keyword suggestions, increasing productivity and precision in the tagging process.

One of the strengths of the Layer2 Tag Suggester is its ability to suggest new and relevant tags that may not have been considered by human users. This can help improve the accuracy of tagging and streamline the categorization process. Additionally, the tool considers the context of items and documents, as well as their textual contents, for more comprehensive tagging.

This tool is ideal for organizations that rely heavily on SharePoint for document management and collaboration. It can be especially useful for teams working on large projects with extensive document libraries, as it can help streamline the tagging process and ensure consistency in categorization.

Overall, the Layer2 Tag Suggester for SharePoint is a valuable tool for increasing efficiency and accuracy in tagging SharePoint items and documents. Its rule-based categorization and integration with default SharePoint tagging features make it a must-have for any organization looking to optimize their document management processes.

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