Annual Software Assurance (SA) – Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint

Product Review: Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint Annual Software Assurance (SA)

The Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint is a powerful tool for organizations looking to effectively manage their SharePoint content and improve overall information architecture. With the optional Annual Software Assurance (SA), users can unlock even more benefits and features to enhance their SharePoint experience.

– Future Improvements: By acquiring the SA, users can stay up-to-date with future improvements and new features of the software.
– Upgrade Flexibility: SA allows for easy migration from a lower-level software edition to a higher-level edition, providing users with more advanced capabilities.
– Free Maintenance and Updates: Users with SA can enjoy free maintenance, updates, minor and major releases updates or upgrades for one year, ensuring their software is always running smoothly.

Who Should Use It:
The Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint with Annual Software Assurance is ideal for organizations that heavily rely on SharePoint for content management and collaboration. It is especially useful for companies looking to optimize their information architecture and improve overall productivity.

When to Use It:
Users should consider acquiring the SA when purchasing the Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint to ensure they have access to the latest improvements and features. The SA is valid for 1 license (server) for 1 year from the date of product license purchase and can be renewed after expiring.

In conclusion, the Layer2 Taxonomy Manager for SharePoint Annual Software Assurance is a valuable addition for users looking to maximize the benefits of their SharePoint platform. With free maintenance, updates, and upgrade flexibility, it is a must-have for organizations seeking to stay ahead in their content management strategies.

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