Advanced PBX Data Logger Enterprise

Product: Advanced PBX Data Logger Enterprise

Advanced PBX Data Logger Enterprise is a powerful tool that allows users to efficiently record, track, and archive phone calls. It can capture SMDR or CIR data from various ports including RS232, RS845, TCP, or UDP, and write real-time data to disk, Excel, database (MSSQL, MySQL, ODBC), or other targets.

– Supports Windows 2000 and higher service mode
– Compatible with all types of plugins
– Provides a user-friendly interface for easy configuration
– Offers reliable and secure data logging capabilities
– Can be used for monitoring and analyzing phone call data for various purposes

Who should use it:
– Businesses looking to improve their phone call recording and tracking capabilities
– Call centers wanting to monitor and analyze customer interactions
– IT professionals seeking a robust data logging solution for phone systems
– Organizations requiring accurate and detailed records of phone conversations

Overall, Advanced PBX Data Logger Enterprise is a versatile and efficient tool for capturing and storing phone call data. Whether you need to monitor call center performance, ensure compliance with regulations, or analyze communication patterns, this software is a valuable asset for any organization.

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