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Product Review: XMLWizard


XMLWizard is a versatile utility designed for loading XML, CSV, and flat textual files into Firebird databases. It supports various file formats such as CSV (Comma Separated Values) and TSV (Tab Separated Values) with customizable delimiters, qualifiers, and record separators. Additionally, XMLWizard can handle multilevel XML files with unlimited nesting depth.


  • Supports multiple file formats including XML, CSV, and flat textual files
  • Customizable delimiters, qualifiers, and record separators for CSV and TSV files
  • Handles multilevel XML files with unlimited nesting depth
  • Powerful data comparer for comparing input file data with database data
  • Allows for selective insertion, updating, or deletion of data from the database

Who Should Use XMLWizard?

XMLWizard is ideal for professionals working with Firebird databases who need a reliable tool for importing data from XML, CSV, or flat textual files. It is especially useful for those dealing with complex data structures and multilevel XML files. The data comparer feature makes it a valuable asset for users who need to quickly identify and manage differences between input files and database data.


XMLWizard is a robust utility that simplifies the process of importing data into Firebird databases. With its support for multiple file formats, customizable options, and powerful data comparison capabilities, it is a must-have tool for database professionals looking to streamline their data management tasks.

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