TMS Aurelius/Data Modeler Bundle – Small Team License

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TMS Aurelius/Data Modeler Bundle – Small Team License

Product Overview

The TMS Aurelius/Data Modeler Bundle is a powerful combination of tools for Delphi developers. TMS Aurelius is an Object-Relational Mapping framework that simplifies the development of database applications in Delphi. On the other hand, TMS Data Modeler is a handy tool for designing and visualizing database structures, which can generate classes for TMS Aurelius.

Strengths of the Bundle

  • Streamlined Development: TMS Aurelius simplifies database application development by providing an easy-to-use ORM framework.
  • Efficient Database Design: TMS Data Modeler allows developers to design and visualize database structures, making it easier to understand and maintain databases.
  • Seamless Integration: The ability of TMS Data Modeler to generate classes for TMS Aurelius ensures smooth integration between database design and application development.

Who Should Use It

The TMS Aurelius/Data Modeler Bundle is ideal for small teams of Delphi developers working on database applications. It is suitable for developers who want to streamline the development process and ensure efficient database design.

When to Use It

Developers should consider using the TMS Aurelius/Data Modeler Bundle when starting a new database application project in Delphi or when they need to improve the design and performance of an existing database application.

Overall, the TMS Aurelius/Data Modeler Bundle is a valuable asset for Delphi developers looking to enhance their database application development process. It offers a seamless integration between ORM framework and database modeling tools, making it a must-have for small teams working on database applications.

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