Upgrade: VideoCAD 7 Lite with HID protection to VideoCAD 7 Lite with Dongle protection

Upgrade your video surveillance design capabilities with VideoCAD 7 Lite with Dongle protection. This powerful software allows you to easily choose the most suitable lenses, heights, and locations for camera installations to ensure optimal view areas. Whether you are setting up a security system for a commercial building, parking lot, or residential property, VideoCAD 7 Lite can help you design a comprehensive and efficient surveillance layout.

One of the key strengths of VideoCAD 7 Lite is its ability to calculate the horizontal projection sizes of view areas and draw them on location plans. This feature allows you to visualize the coverage provided by each camera and ensure that all critical areas are monitored. Additionally, the software lets you display different regions of spatial resolution and field-of-view size in separate colors and hatch styles, making it easy to identify areas of concern.

VideoCAD 7 Lite also offers a user-friendly graphics window with a CAD interface, allowing you to visually position cameras and cables on layouts in various formats, including BMP, JPG, DWG, and DXF. With the ability to import DWG and DXF files, you can easily integrate existing design elements into your surveillance layout.

Furthermore, VideoCAD 7 Lite enables you to generate drawings with camera images, calculated view areas, cables, and coordinate grids for use in project documentation. You can export these drawings in multiple formats, including BMP, JPG, and AutoCAD DXF, making it easy to share your designs with clients and colleagues.

Overall, VideoCAD 7 Lite is a valuable tool for security system designers, installers, and consultants looking to streamline their workflow, improve design accuracy, and reduce project costs. By investing in this software, you can save time, increase project efficiency, and enhance the quality of your surveillance designs. Upgrade to VideoCAD 7 Lite with Dongle protection today and take your video surveillance capabilities to the next level.

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