Upgrade: VideoCAD 1..7 to VideoCAD 8 Lite

Product Review: Upgrade from VideoCAD 1..7 to VideoCAD 8 Lite

VideoCAD 8 Lite is a powerful software tool that offers a wide range of features to assist in the design and planning of video surveillance systems. This upgrade from VideoCAD 1..7 provides even more capabilities to help users choose the most suitable lenses, heights, and locations for camera installation. It allows for the calculation of camera control areas, display of spatial resolution and field-of-view sizes, and modeling of depth of field for each camera in a project.

One of the strengths of VideoCAD 8 Lite is its ability to visually choose the relative location of cameras using a graphics window with a CAD interface. This feature makes it easy to determine the best positions and calculate control areas for PTZ cameras. Additionally, the software allows users to locate cameras and cables on prepared layouts in various formats, making it easy to create detailed site layouts with camera images and calculated view areas.

Who should use VideoCAD 8 Lite? This software is ideal for security professionals, system integrators, and design engineers who are involved in the planning and implementation of video surveillance systems. It can be used to save time and improve the quality of design projects by reducing the number of cameras needed and increasing their efficiency. By using VideoCAD 8 Lite, users can cut down on controversial situations with customers and accelerate their resolution.

Overall, VideoCAD 8 Lite is a valuable tool for anyone involved in the design and planning of video surveillance systems. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a must-have for those looking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their projects. Upgrade to VideoCAD 8 Lite today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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