Training Database (Single User)

Professional Product Review: SBS Training Database (Single User)


The SBS Training Database is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of tracking employee training and certification within small companies. With its ISO 9001 compliance, this program offers a comprehensive solution for managing employee roles, responsibilities, training requirements, and more. In this review, we will delve into the strengths of the SBS Training Database, explore its key features, and discuss when and who should consider using this software.

Key Features

The SBS Training Database allows users to easily track employee roles and responsibilities, ensuring that all team members are properly trained and qualified for their positions. The program also keeps track of certification and re-certification deadlines, sending reminders when training is due or nearly due. This feature is especially useful for ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

One of the standout features of the SBS Training Database is its ability to generate simple reports that provide a comprehensive overview of employee training history. These reports can be used for periodic evaluations, reviews, or audits, helping companies stay organized and prepared for any inspections that may arise.

Additionally, the SBS Training Database offers the option to scan and link class rosters, certification checklists, and test results, creating a seamless and efficient paperless system. This not only saves time and reduces paperwork but also makes it easy to access and share important training documents with employees and stakeholders.

Another key feature of the SBS Training Database is its ability to measure training effectiveness with the click of a button. By analyzing training data and performance metrics, companies can gain valuable insights into the impact of their training programs and make informed decisions to improve employee development and performance.


The SBS Training Database is a valuable tool for small companies looking to compete in an ISO 9000 world. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy to implement and use, even for companies with limited resources or technical expertise. The program’s focus on compliance and efficiency ensures that companies can stay on track with their training requirements and maintain high standards of quality and performance.

Furthermore, the SBS Training Database offers excellent support and training resources for users, making it easy to get started and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The program is regularly updated with new features and improvements, ensuring that companies always have access to the latest tools and technologies for managing their employee training programs.

Who Should Use It

The SBS Training Database is ideal for small companies operating in industries where compliance with ISO 9001 standards is essential. This includes sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more, where employee training and certification are critical for maintaining quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Companies that value efficiency, organization, and data-driven decision-making will also benefit from using the SBS Training Database. By centralizing training data, automating reminders, and generating detailed reports, companies can save time, reduce errors, and improve the overall effectiveness of their training programs.

Overall, the SBS Training Database is a powerful tool that can help companies of all sizes streamline their employee training processes, improve compliance, and drive performance. Whether you are a small business looking to compete in a competitive industry or a larger organization seeking to enhance your training programs, the SBS Training Database offers a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your needs.

With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and excellent support, the SBS Training Database is a valuable investment for companies seeking to elevate their training programs and achieve greater success in an ISO 9000 world.

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