Training Database (5 Concurrent Users)

Training Database (5 Concurrent Users) Product Review


The SBS Training Database is a powerful and efficient program designed to help small companies stay competitive in an ISO 9000 world. This ISO 9001 compliant software is essential for tracking employee roles and responsibilities, managing training requirements, certifications, re-certifications, and training events. With simple reports and a paperless system, the SBS Training Database is a valuable tool for any organization looking to streamline their training processes.

Key Features

One of the key features of the SBS Training Database is its ability to track employee training history and certification status. This is crucial for ensuring that employees are up to date on their training requirements and certifications, and for providing documentation for periodic evaluations or reviews. The program also allows users to scan and link class rosters, certification checklists, and test results, creating a seamless and efficient paperless system.

Another standout feature of the SBS Training Database is its reporting capabilities. Users can easily generate reports to see when recertification is due or nearly due, as well as measure training effectiveness with just the click of a button. This data-driven approach to training management allows organizations to make informed decisions and continuously improve their training processes.


The SBS Training Database has several strengths that set it apart from other training management software. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees at all levels to access and use the program, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. The software is also highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor it to their specific needs and requirements. Additionally, the program is designed to support up to 5 concurrent users, making it ideal for small companies with limited training resources.

Who Should Use It

The SBS Training Database is ideal for small companies looking to streamline their training processes and stay competitive in an ISO 9000 world. It is particularly well-suited for organizations that need to track employee roles and responsibilities, manage training requirements, and ensure compliance with ISO 9001 standards. The program is also a valuable tool for HR professionals, training managers, and anyone responsible for overseeing employee training and development.


In conclusion, the SBS Training Database is a comprehensive and user-friendly program that offers a range of features to help small companies manage their training processes effectively. From tracking employee training history to generating reports and measuring training effectiveness, this software is a valuable asset for any organization looking to improve their training management practices. With its customizable interface and support for up to 5 concurrent users, the SBS Training Database is a must-have tool for small companies competing in an ISO 9000 world.

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