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Product Review: Query Studio – Site License


Query Studio is a powerful set of Delphi/CBB components designed for visual SQL construction and database-oriented application development. The site license option offers great value for companies looking to empower their developers with efficient tools for database management.


The Query Studio site license allows for an unlimited number of developers within the company to utilize the components for development purposes. This means that all team members can access the tools they need without any additional costs. Additionally, the site license includes free updates and support for a full version cycle of the product. Developers can also be added to the license at any time during this cycle, providing flexibility for growing teams.

Who Should Use It

The Query Studio site license is ideal for companies that heavily rely on database management and SQL queries in their development process. It is perfect for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their database-oriented application development and provide their developers with efficient tools for visual SQL construction.


Overall, the Query Studio site license is a valuable investment for companies seeking to optimize their database management and application development processes. With its unlimited developer access, free updates, and flexible licensing options, it offers great value for businesses looking to enhance their development capabilities.

Get your Query Studio site license today and take your database-oriented application development to the next level!

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