4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access

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4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access

4TOPS Query Tree Editor is a powerful add-in for MS Access designed to streamline query development. This tool allows users to easily edit and run queries directly from a tree dialog, providing a visual representation of query dependencies (Uses / Used By) for better understanding and management.


  • Open: Display the results of the selected query.
  • Design: Open the query in Access’ query builder for further customization.
  • Edit: Utilize the Query Editor to make necessary changes to the query.
  • Print: Print the query tree to the debug window, including query descriptions and tables.
  • Find: Easily locate fields or strings within queries by putting an asterisk (*) in front of each relevant query or table.

Who Should Use It:

4TOPS Query Tree Editor is ideal for developers, database administrators, and anyone working with complex queries in MS Access. This tool is especially beneficial for individuals who need to analyze query dependencies, compare results, and troubleshoot query performance.


The intuitive interface of the Query Tree Editor allows for seamless navigation between query overview, editing, and result evaluation. The ability to open multiple queries simultaneously and compare results is a valuable feature for diagnosing issues and optimizing query performance. Additionally, the option to print the query tree for documentation purposes enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

Overall, 4TOPS Query Tree Editor is a versatile and efficient tool that enhances query development and management in MS Access.

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