Actual Window Menu

Product Review: Actual Window Menu

Actual Window Menu is a game-changing standard window menu extension that provides advanced users with alternative ways of organizing and managing windows on their computer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to streamline your workflow or a newbie trying to make sense of the clutter on your desktop, Actual Window Menu has got you covered.

One of the standout features of Actual Window Menu is the ability to add several new menu items to the standard window menu, accessible via the application icon in the title bar. These new commands include options to Roll Up \ Unroll windows, Set window transparency, change program priority, minimize to task tray, and always keep windows on top. This level of customization allows users to save time and desktop space by neatly organizing their windows to suit their individual needs.

What sets Actual Window Menu apart from other shell extension solutions is its ability to create rules for each individual application. This means that users can set specific menu items and corresponding settings for each program, automating the organization process and saving even more time. The straightforward interface makes it easy to configure extended menus and settings, ensuring that your preferences are applied every time you run the program.

Actual Window Menu is suitable for both advanced users looking to maximize their efficiency and newbies who want a more streamlined desktop experience. The product is available under flexible licensing conditions and comes with a free trial version, allowing you to try before you buy. Don’t waste another minute wrestling with cluttered windows – download Actual Window Menu today and take control of your desktop.

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