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Product Review: PSR2XLS Utility

The PSR2XLS utility is a powerful tool that allows you to convert saved PowerSoft Reports (PSR) into an Excel workbook with ease. If you have any applications developed using PowerBuilder that generate reports in PSR format, this utility is a must-have for you.

– Easy conversion: With PSR2XLS, you can quickly convert PSR files into Excel workbooks, making it easy to share reports with clients who may not have the necessary tools to view PSR files.
– Datawindow presentation styles: The utility supports a variety of datawindow presentation styles including Freeform, Grid, Tabular, and Group, giving you flexibility in how your reports are presented.
– Data formatting: PSR2XLS retains all text and data formatting from the original PSR files, including font, text color, background color, borders, and more.
– Field support: The utility supports various edit styles of fields such as DropDownDW, DropDownListBox, Edit, Edit with Code Table, and EditMask, as well as different data types including string, decimal, double, integer, date, time, and datetime.

Who should use it:
– Developers using PowerBuilder: If you develop applications using PowerBuilder and generate reports in PSR format, the PSR2XLS utility will make it easy for you to convert and share these reports.
– Users looking for a PowerSoft Report viewer: In addition to converting PSR files to Excel workbooks, the utility also includes a PowerSoft Report viewer, allowing you to easily view and analyze your reports.

Overall, the PSR2XLS utility is a valuable tool for anyone working with PowerBuilder applications and PowerSoft Reports. Developed by specialists at Desta company, this utility is backed by years of experience in information system development, ensuring that it meets the needs of clients. Get your hands on the PSR2XLS utility today and streamline your report conversion process.

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