Dw2xls for PowerBuilder v9.X

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Dw2xls for PowerBuilder v9.X Product Review


Dw2xls is a powerful PowerBuilder library designed for converting Datawindows to Excel workbooks seamlessly. This handy tool streamlines the process of exporting Datawindows to Excel, saving time and effort for PowerBuilder developers.


  • Supported datawindow presentation styles: Freeform, Grid, Tabular, Composite, Nested, and Group
  • Supported datawindow objects: text, column, expression
  • Preserves text and data formatting, including font, text color, background color, borders, and more
  • Supported edit styles: DropDownDW, DropDownListBox, Edit, Edit with Code Table, and EditMask
  • Support for various data types: string, decimal, double, integer, date, time, datetime


Dw2xls stands out for its comprehensive support of various datawindow presentation styles and objects, ensuring a seamless conversion process without compromising on text and data formatting. Its compatibility with different edit styles and data types makes it a versatile tool for PowerBuilder developers.

Who Should Use Dw2xls

Dw2xls is ideal for PowerBuilder developers who frequently need to export Datawindows to Excel workbooks. Whether you’re working with different datawindow presentation styles or dealing with a variety of data types, Dw2xls simplifies the conversion process and ensures that your Excel exports maintain their formatting integrity.


Overall, Dw2xls for PowerBuilder v9.X is a valuable tool for developers looking to streamline the process of converting Datawindows to Excel workbooks. With its robust features and support for various data types, Dw2xls is a must-have for PowerBuilder projects that involve exporting data to Excel.

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