pb2xls for PowerBuilder v5.X

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Professional Product Review: pb2xls for PowerBuilder v5.X


Pb2xls is a powerful component designed for PowerBuilder applications that enables users to create Excel files, write information into cells and worksheets, and format cells and worksheets with ease.


One of the key strengths of pb2xls is its seamless integration with PowerBuilder, making it a convenient and efficient tool for developers working on PowerBuilder applications. The component offers a wide range of functionalities, allowing users to generate Excel files dynamically and customize the formatting according to their specific requirements.

Who Should Use It

Pb2xls is ideal for PowerBuilder developers who frequently work with Excel files and need a reliable solution for creating and manipulating Excel documents within their applications. Whether you need to generate reports, export data, or simply enhance the user experience with Excel integration, pb2xls is a valuable tool to have in your toolkit.

When to Use It

Consider using pb2xls whenever you need to generate Excel files programmatically from your PowerBuilder application. Whether you are building financial reports, exporting data for analysis, or creating interactive spreadsheets, pb2xls can streamline the process and help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Overall, pb2xls is a versatile and user-friendly component that adds significant value to PowerBuilder applications by enabling seamless integration with Excel functionality. If you are a PowerBuilder developer looking to enhance your application’s capabilities with Excel support, pb2xls is definitely worth considering.

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