pb2xls for PowerBuilder v10.X

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Product Review: pb2xls for PowerBuilder v10.X

Product Review: pb2xls for PowerBuilder v10.X


pb2xls is a powerful component for PowerBuilder applications that enables users to create Excel files, write information into cells and worksheets, and format cells and worksheets with ease.


  • Easy integration with PowerBuilder applications
  • Ability to create Excel files on-the-fly
  • Efficient writing of information into cells and worksheets
  • Flexible formatting options for cells and worksheets

Who Should Use pb2xls?

pb2xls is ideal for PowerBuilder developers who need to generate Excel files within their applications. It is suitable for businesses that require automated reporting, data visualization, or exporting data to Excel format.

When to Use pb2xls

Users should consider using pb2xls when they need to seamlessly integrate Excel functionality into their PowerBuilder applications. Whether it’s for generating reports, exporting data, or creating interactive dashboards, pb2xls offers a comprehensive solution for Excel file manipulation.

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