PACE Suite Freelancer with 1-year maintenance included

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Product Review: PACE Suite Freelancer with 1-year maintenance included


PACE Suite is an advanced software packaging tool designed for both experienced packagers and beginners. It offers a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features for (re)packaging in Windows Installer and various virtualization formats.

Key Features

  • MSI Generator: Capture legacy setups, apply corporate packaging standards, and generate customized packages in various formats.
  • MSI Editor: Extensively edit Windows Installer packages with a simple UI and advanced capabilities.
  • Docu Generator: Create screenshot-based instructions for easy documentation.


Every package created with PACE Suite is well-structured and ICE error-free. It ensures correct component and feature assignments with no ICE errors in repackaged MSIs. Additionally, PACE Suite does not include any tool-related extraneous staff, avoiding redundant MSI tables, properties, or custom actions. The resulting MSI files are of high quality, following application packaging best practices and rules.

Who Should Use It

PACE Suite is ideal for IT professionals, software packagers, and system administrators who need a reliable tool for creating and editing software packages. Whether you are a seasoned packager or just starting out, PACE Suite offers a seamless experience with its intuitive interface and advanced editing capabilities.

When to Use It

Use PACE Suite whenever you need to package or repackage software applications in Windows Installer or virtualization formats. Whether you are deploying new software across your organization or updating existing packages, PACE Suite streamlines the packaging process and ensures high-quality results.

With 1-year maintenance included, PACE Suite Freelancer provides ongoing support and updates to keep your packaging processes efficient and up-to-date.

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