PACE Suite Enterprise with 3-years maintenance included

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Product Review: PACE Suite Enterprise with 3-years Maintenance


PACE Suite Enterprise is a powerful software packaging tool designed for IT professionals to efficiently package applications in Windows Installer and various virtualization formats. This package includes 3-years maintenance, ensuring that users have access to updates and support for an extended period.


  • Intuitive User Interface: PACE Suite offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both advanced packagers and beginners to use.
  • Comprehensive Features: With three components – MSI Generator, MSI Editor, and Docu Generator – users have all the tools they need for efficient application packaging.
  • High-Quality Packages: Packages created with PACE Suite are well-structured, error-free, and follow all application packaging best practices.
  • No Extraneous Staff: PACE Suite ensures that no redundant MSI tables, properties, or custom actions are included in the packages, keeping them clean and efficient.

Who Should Use It

PACE Suite Enterprise is ideal for IT professionals, system administrators, and software packagers who are responsible for packaging applications for deployment in enterprise environments. Whether you are a seasoned packager looking for advanced editing capabilities or a newbie in need of a simple UI, PACE Suite caters to a wide range of users.

When to Use It

Use PACE Suite Enterprise whenever you need to package applications in Windows Installer or virtualization formats such as App-V 5, MSI, MST, and ThinApp. Whether you are repackaging legacy setups, editing existing Windows Installer packages, or creating documentation for your packages, PACE Suite has you covered.

Overall, PACE Suite Enterprise with 3-years maintenance is a comprehensive and efficient software packaging tool that meets the needs of IT professionals across different skill levels. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and high-quality packages, PACE Suite is a valuable asset for any organization looking to streamline their application packaging process.

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