OLKeeper Site-License (en)

Product Review: OLKeeper Site-License

OLKeeper Site-License is a must-have tool for companies that rely heavily on Microsoft Outlook for their daily communication and task management. This software effectively prevents users from accidentally closing their Outlook window, ensuring that important reminders and emails are never missed.

– Prevents users from closing Outlook window accidentally
– Customizable settings to determine when Outlook should minimize or terminate
– Site-License allows unlimited installations within one company
– Easy to use and configure

Who should use it:
– Companies with multiple employees using Outlook
– Businesses that prioritize timely communication and task management
– Individuals who want to ensure they never miss important emails or reminders

When to use it:
– During busy workdays when there is a high volume of emails and tasks to manage
– When employees are prone to accidentally closing their Outlook window
– In situations where timely communication is crucial for business operations

Overall, OLKeeper Site-License is a valuable tool for companies looking to optimize their Outlook usage and prevent any missed opportunities due to accidental window closures. With its customizable settings and unlimited installations, this software is a cost-effective solution for improving productivity and communication within the workplace.

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