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Product Review: Help Generator Enterprise Version


The Help Generator Enterprise version is a comprehensive help authoring software that includes both a Help Editor and Help Capture tool. This powerful software is designed to assist users in creating professional and user-friendly help documentation for their products or services.


  • Help Editor: The Help Editor allows users to easily create and edit help topics with a user-friendly interface. It provides various formatting options, templates, and styles to customize the help documentation as per the user’s requirements.
  • Help Capture: The Help Capture tool automates the process of generating help topic pages by capturing screenshots and creating step-by-step instructions. This saves time and effort for users, making the documentation process more efficient.
  • Enterprise Version: The Enterprise version of Help Generator is ideal for large organizations or teams working on multiple projects. It offers collaboration features, project management tools, and advanced customization options to meet the specific needs of enterprise users.

Who Should Use It?

The Help Generator Enterprise version is suitable for software developers, product managers, technical writers, and any individual or team involved in creating help documentation. It is especially beneficial for organizations that require a robust and scalable solution for managing their help content.


The Help Generator Enterprise version is a top-notch help authoring software that provides a complete solution for creating and managing help documentation. With its intuitive interface, automation tools, and enterprise-level features, it is a must-have tool for any organization looking to streamline their documentation process and deliver exceptional user support.

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