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Wondershare Photo Story Platinum Review

Wondershare Photo Story Platinum is a versatile and user-friendly tool designed to create stunning photo albums for various devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, and Zune. With a plethora of themed templates, music options, animated effects, and text captions, this software allows users to easily transform their digital images into captivating photo stories.

Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that make Wondershare Photo Story Platinum stand out:

1. Easy Import and Organization

The software allows users to simply drag and drop their digital images into the interface, making it easy to organize and arrange photos for the album.

2. Diverse Music Options

Users can choose from a variety of built-in background music tracks or import their own music to add a personal touch to their photo story.

3. Stunning Animated Movie Styles

With over 200 built-in animated movie styles, users can easily create dynamic and visually appealing photo albums.

4. Custom Intro and End Movie

The software offers different styles of animated intro and end movies to give the photo album a professional and polished look.

5. Personalized Elements

Wondershare Photo Story Platinum provides a wide range of personalized elements such as cliparts, scene effects, and text captions to enhance the creativity and customization of the photo album.

6. Photo Editing Tools

Users can edit and optimize their photos within the software, allowing for adjustments to color, brightness, and other aspects to enhance the overall quality of the images.

7. Easy Editing Modes

The software offers two editing modes – Timeline and Story Board, giving users flexibility in editing and arranging the slides of the photo album.

8. Narration Recording

Users can record narration to accompany the photo album, adding a personal touch and storytelling element to the digital memories.

9. Versatile Publishing Options

Wondershare Photo Story Platinum allows users to publish their photo albums as videos for various platforms including iPod, Zune, 3GP, and YouTube, making it easy to share memories with friends and family.

10. High-Quality DVD Menu

The software offers high-quality DVD menu options in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, allowing users to create professional-looking DVD photo albums with ease.

11. DVD Authoring

Users can author DVDs using their still digital images, providing a convenient way to preserve and share memories in a physical format.

Who Should Use Wondershare Photo Story Platinum?

Wondershare Photo Story Platinum is ideal for individuals who want to create visually stunning and personalized photo albums for various devices and platforms. Whether you are a photography enthusiast looking to showcase your work, a family member wanting to preserve memories, or a business professional in need of a creative presentation tool, this software offers a wide range of features to meet your needs.


Overall, Wondershare Photo Story Platinum is a powerful and versatile tool for creating captivating photo albums with ease. With its user-friendly interface, diverse customization options, and versatile publishing capabilities, this software is a valuable asset for anyone looking to share their digital memories in a creative and engaging way.

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