File Date Corrector – Corporate (11+ PCs)

Introducing File Date Corrector – Corporate License, a powerful program designed for Windows that allows you to easily correct file dates such as “Created” and “Modified”. This corporate license is perfect for companies with 11 or more PCs, as it allows for unlimited usage within the same company.

One of the key strengths of File Date Corrector is its ability to correct file dates based on the meta information contained in the files or according to a specified date. This ensures that your files are accurately dated and organized, making it easier to manage and track important documents.

Another great feature of File Date Corrector is the preview option, which allows you to see the changes before they are executed. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your files will be corrected accurately without any unexpected results.

File Date Corrector – Corporate License is ideal for businesses that deal with a large number of files and need to ensure that their file dates are correct for record-keeping and compliance purposes. Whether you work in finance, legal, or any other industry that requires precise file management, this program is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

Overall, File Date Corrector – Corporate License is a reliable and efficient program that can save you time and hassle when it comes to managing file dates. If you have 11 or more PCs in your company and need a solution for correcting file dates, this program is definitely worth considering.

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