Copy Files With Dates – Single (1 PC)

Introducing Copy Files With Dates – a powerful program designed to solve the common issue of losing original creation dates when copying files in Windows™. With this software, users can seamlessly transfer files while maintaining the original creation date, modification date, and attributes of the files and directories.

– Preserves original creation dates: Say goodbye to the frustration of losing important date information when transferring files between drives and devices.
– Easy to use: Copy Files With Dates offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple for users of all levels to quickly and efficiently copy files.
– Various license options: Whether you’re a personal user or part of a business or corporate entity, there are different license options available to suit your needs.

Who should use it:
– Individuals who need to transfer files frequently and want to maintain accurate date information.
– Businesses or corporations with multiple PCs/users who want to streamline file copying processes while preserving original dates.
– Anyone looking for a reliable and efficient solution to the date loss issue in Windows™ file copying.

Whether you’re a personal user, part of a small business, or a large corporation, Copy Files With Dates is the perfect solution to ensure that your files are copied with precision and accuracy. Don’t let the loss of creation dates disrupt your workflow – try Copy Files With Dates today!

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