EMS Data Export for DB2 (Business) + 1 Year Maintenance

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EMS Data Export for DB2 (Business) + 1 Year Maintenance Review


EMS Data Export for DB2 (Business) is a powerful tool designed to export DB2 database data to a variety of formats, including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, HTML, ODF, and more. This software is essential for businesses looking to efficiently transfer and share their DB2 data across different platforms and applications.


– Ability to export data to 20 popular formats
– Intuitive user interface for easy navigation
– Customizable export options for tailored results
– Fast and reliable data export process
– Regular updates and maintenance support for smooth operation

Who Should Use It

EMS Data Export for DB2 (Business) is ideal for businesses of all sizes that rely on DB2 databases for their operations. Data analysts, database administrators, and IT professionals will find this tool particularly useful for exporting data in various formats for reporting, analysis, and sharing purposes.

When to Use It

– When you need to quickly export DB2 data to different formats
– When you want to share DB2 data with colleagues or clients in a user-friendly format
– When you need to generate reports or analysis from DB2 data in a specific format

In conclusion, EMS Data Export for DB2 (Business) + 1 Year Maintenance is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their data export process and enhance collaboration and analysis. Its user-friendly interface, customizable options, and regular maintenance support make it a must-have for any business relying on DB2 databases.

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