EMS Data Generator for DB2 (Business) + 2 Year Maintenance

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Product Review: EMS Data Generator for DB2 (Business) + 2 Year Maintenance


EMS Data Generator for DB2 is a powerful tool designed for generating test data for DB2 databases. Whether you are a developer, tester, or database administrator, this tool can help you streamline the process of creating and populating your DB2 database with realistic test data.


  • Wide range of data generation parameters: EMS Data Generator for DB2 offers a variety of options for generating test data, including data types, constraints, and custom data sets. This allows you to create diverse and realistic test scenarios.
  • User-friendly wizard interface: The tool features an intuitive wizard interface that guides you through the data generation process step by step. Even users with limited technical knowledge can easily navigate and use the tool.
  • Useful console utility: In addition to the wizard interface, EMS Data Generator for DB2 also provides a console utility that allows you to automate the data generation process. This is especially useful for batch processing and repetitive tasks.

Who Should Use It

EMS Data Generator for DB2 is ideal for developers, testers, and database administrators who need to populate their DB2 databases with test data. It is especially useful for teams working on projects that require thorough testing and validation of database functionality.

When to Use It

Use EMS Data Generator for DB2 whenever you need to create test data for your DB2 database quickly and efficiently. Whether you are setting up a new database, running performance tests, or simulating real-world scenarios, this tool can help you generate the data you need.

Overall, EMS Data Generator for DB2 is a valuable asset for anyone working with DB2 databases who needs to streamline the process of generating test data. With its robust features, user-friendly interface, and automation capabilities, this tool can help you save time and improve the quality of your testing processes.

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