Data Modeler – Small Team License Upgrade

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Data Modeler – Small Team License Upgrade Review

Product Overview

Data Modeler is a powerful set of components designed for Delphi and C++ Builder that enables users to easily incorporate diagraming capabilities into their applications. With Diagram Studio, users can create dynamic diagrams by adding blocks, lines, and linking them together seamlessly. The TatDiagram component and TDiagramToolBar component provide a user-friendly interface for editing diagrams without the need for complex coding.

Strengths of Data Modeler

  • Easy integration of diagraming features into applications
  • Customizable blocks with a wide range of properties
  • Ability to rotate, resize, and customize shapes of blocks
  • Open architecture for creating custom blocks
  • Free updates and support for a full version cycle

Who Should Use Data Modeler

Data Modeler is ideal for developers and software engineers working on applications that require visual representation of data models, workflows, or processes. Small teams looking to enhance their applications with diagraming capabilities can benefit from the ease of use and flexibility offered by Diagram Studio. Whether you are creating project management tools, data visualization software, or workflow automation applications, Data Modeler provides a robust solution for incorporating dynamic diagrams.

When to Upgrade to Small Team License

The Small Team License upgrade allows multiple developers within a small team to utilize the components for development purposes. If you are working on a project with a small team and require collaborative diagraming features, upgrading to the Small Team License is a cost-effective solution. With free updates and support for a full version cycle, the Small Team License ensures that your team stays up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements of Data Modeler.

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