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Product Review: Diagram Studio – Site License

Diagram Studio is a powerful set of components designed for Delphi and C++ Builder developers who want to enhance their applications with diagraming capabilities. With the Diagram Studio Site License, developers can easily integrate TatDiagram component into their projects to create interactive and visually appealing diagrams.

Key Features:

  • Includes TatDiagram component for building diagrams
  • TDiagramToolBar component for easy editing
  • Customizable blocks with dozens of properties
  • Open architecture for creating custom blocks
  • Site license for unlimited developers within the company
  • Free updates & support for a full version cycle


Diagram Studio stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust features. The ability to customize blocks, change shapes, add shadows, and use bitmaps allows developers to create unique and dynamic diagrams. The open architecture enables developers to extend the functionality by creating custom blocks, giving them full control over the diagraming process.

Who Should Use It:

Diagram Studio is ideal for developers working on applications that require diagraming capabilities, such as flowchart tools, organizational charts, network diagrams, and more. The Site License option is perfect for companies with multiple developers who need to collaborate on projects that involve diagram creation.

Overall, Diagram Studio – Site License is a valuable tool for developers looking to enhance their applications with interactive and customizable diagrams. With its rich set of features and flexible licensing options, Diagram Studio is a must-have for any developer working on diagram-intensive projects.

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