Bundle Offer BitRecover – (Email Backup + EmailRaser) Wizard – Pro License

Bundle Offer: BitRecover (Email Backup + EmailRaser) Wizard – Pro License


The Bundle Offer of BitRecover includes two powerful tools – Email Backup Wizard and EmailRaser Wizard, both with Pro License. These tools are designed to help users efficiently manage and safeguard their email data.


  • Email Backup Wizard: This tool allows users to backup and save their email data from various email clients and webmail services. It ensures data security and enables easy migration of emails.
  • EmailRaser Wizard: With this tool, users can permanently erase sensitive and confidential email data to prevent unauthorized access. It helps in maintaining privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

Who Should Use It:

The Bundle Offer of BitRecover is ideal for individuals, businesses, and organizations that rely on email communication for their daily operations. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • IT administrators who need to backup and migrate email data.
  • Legal professionals who deal with sensitive information and require secure email erasure.
  • Business owners who want to ensure data security and privacy for their email communications.


The Bundle Offer of BitRecover provides a comprehensive solution for email data management and security. With the Email Backup Wizard and EmailRaser Wizard included in this bundle, users can efficiently backup, migrate, and securely erase their email data. It is a must-have tool for anyone who values data security and privacy in their email communications.

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