HTML Guardian Enterprise Upgrade

Product Review: HTML Guardian Enterprise Upgrade

If you are looking for the ultimate protection solution for your website, then the HTML Guardian Enterprise Upgrade is the perfect choice for you. Developed by ProtWare, HTML Guardian has been the recognized leader in web site protection since 1997.

With the Enterprise upgrade, you can take your website security to the next level by encrypting HTML, Javascript, ASP, VBScript, CSS, PHP code, protecting images and links, and much more. This comprehensive website protection solution ensures that your website content is safe from theft and misuse by encrypting and hiding your source code.

The Image Guardian add-on included in the Enterprise upgrade is specially designed to protect the images used in your website, using the most advanced web image protection technology available today. This feature alone can help safeguard your visual content from unauthorized use.

HTML Guardian also offers additional protection options such as disabling right-click, text selection, and copying, as well as preventing printing of encrypted pages and offline usage of files. You can also add referrer check and password protection to further enhance security.

The Enterprise upgrade license is only available for registered owners of a HTML Guardian Professional license. If you want to take advantage of the advanced features and benefits of the Enterprise upgrade, this is the right choice for you. Simply provide your HTML Guardian Professional order reference number to purchase the Enterprise upgrade and transform your existing license.

Overall, HTML Guardian Enterprise Upgrade is a must-have for website owners who prioritize security and want to protect their content from theft, leeching, and spam email spiders. Don’t compromise on website security – upgrade to HTML Guardian Enterprise today.

Visit the official website for more information and to purchase your Enterprise upgrade license.

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