AnyLexic 2.0 – Corporate License (3 PCs)

AnyLexic 2.0 – Corporate License (3 PCs)

AnyLexic is a powerful terminology management software designed for professionals who work with multiple dictionaries or glossaries. Whether you are a translator, project manager, or terminologist, AnyLexic can help you easily create, edit, and exchange glossaries in a reliable and convenient way.

Who should use it:
– Translators
– Project managers
– Terminologists
– Language professionals

Strengths of AnyLexic:
– Centralized database: All your terminology is stored in one database, making it easy to manage and access.
– Term consistency: Exchange glossaries with colleagues without losing term consistency, ensuring accuracy in your projects.
– Multiple language support: One term in the source language can have multiple equivalents in the target language.
– Data import and export: Support for TXT, XLS, CSV formats, as well as export-import of AEF files.
– Rich text format: Customize the display of records with configurable text color, background color, font size, and text format.
– Advanced search options: Quickly find the terms you need with options like target, and, whole word, exact-match.
– User-configurable hot-keys: Customize hot-keys for quick search of text fragments in open documents.

When to use AnyLexic:
– When working on projects with complex terminology
– When collaborating with colleagues on terminology management
– When you need a reliable and user-friendly terminology management solution

Overall, AnyLexic is a versatile tool that can streamline your terminology management process and ensure consistency across your projects. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, AnyLexic is a must-have for professionals in the language industry.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of AnyLexic – get your Corporate License today and take your terminology management to the next level.

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