AnyLexic 2.0 – Corporate License (2 PCs)

AnyLexic 2.0 – Corporate License (2 PCs) is a powerful terminology management software designed for easy and convenient management of multiple dictionaries and glossaries. This advanced software is perfect for professionals who work with terminology databases and need to create, edit, and exchange glossaries in a reliable and efficient manner.

One of the strengths of AnyLexic is its ability to store all terminology in one database, making it easy to manage and access all your terminology in one place. This feature is especially useful for teams working on the same project, as it allows for easy exchange of dictionaries and glossaries without losing term consistency.

With AnyLexic, users can create their own terminology glossaries and exchange them with colleagues, ensuring ultimate terminology and term consistency. The software supports data import and export in various formats, including TXT, XLS, CSV, and AEF (AnyLexic exchange format) files.

Some key features of AnyLexic include the ability to create, edit, and delete terminology glossaries, support for multiple equivalents for one term in the source language, rich text formatting options for records, advanced search functionality, user-configurable hotkeys, and Unicode support. Additionally, AnyLexic is compatible with Windows Vista, making it a versatile and user-friendly tool for professionals in need of terminology management software.

Overall, AnyLexic 2.0 – Corporate License (2 PCs) is a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing terminology databases and glossaries. It is ideal for professionals working in fields such as translation, localization, and terminology management, who need a reliable and user-friendly tool to streamline their workflow and ensure terminology consistency.

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