ZylSerialPort.NET – Single Developer License

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ZylSerialPort.NET – Single Developer License


ZylSerialPort.NET is a powerful serial port .NET component designed for developers who need to communicate with external devices through serial port connections. This class library is thread-based, event-driven, and asynchronous, making it easy to integrate into your .NET applications.


ZylSerialPort.NET offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • Thread-based communication for improved performance
  • Event-driven architecture for seamless integration with your applications
  • Asynchronous operations for non-blocking communication
  • Support for a variety of external devices, such as modems, bar code readers, and GSM modules
  • Written in 100% C# using .NET framework and API calls for easy compatibility

Who Should Use ZylSerialPort.NET?

ZylSerialPort.NET is ideal for developers who need to establish communication with external devices through serial port connections. Whether you are working on a project that involves modems, bar code readers, GSM modules, or other devices, this component can simplify the process and improve the overall performance of your application.

When to Use ZylSerialPort.NET

Consider using ZylSerialPort.NET in your .NET applications when you need to:

  • Communicate with external devices via serial port connections
  • Implement thread-based communication for better performance
  • Integrate event-driven functionality for seamless operation
  • Work with asynchronous operations to prevent blocking

Overall, ZylSerialPort.NET is a versatile and reliable component that can enhance the communication capabilities of your .NET applications. With its robust features and easy integration, it is a valuable tool for developers working on projects that involve serial port communication.

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