Virtual Null Modem Standard

Introducing the Virtual Null Modem Standard, a powerful tool for emulating null-modem connections between RS-232 devices without the need for physical hardware. This innovative software solution allows users to create virtual serial ports on a single PC and connect them using a virtual null-modem cable.

One of the main strengths of the Virtual Null Modem Standard is its ability to eliminate the need for expensive and bulky multi-serial port devices or multiple computers connected with real null-modem cables. By emulating the null-modem connection, users can easily connect two applications via virtual serial ports on the same computer.

This software is ideal for software developers and testers working in the field of industrial automation, as it allows them to simulate real-world scenarios and test their applications without the need for additional hardware. Additionally, the Virtual Null Modem Standard can be used for reverse engineering and educational purposes.

The Virtual Null Modem Standard version offers the ability to create 3 virtual null modem devices and use the line control register. While this version does not allow for the addition of data interferences to a data flow, it still provides a comprehensive solution for emulating null-modem connections with ease.

In conclusion, the Virtual Null Modem Standard is a must-have tool for anyone looking to simulate null-modem connections between RS-232 devices in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Whether you are a software developer, tester, or educator, this software can greatly simplify your work processes and enhance your productivity.

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