Viewer for MS Outlook Messages (site license, reseller)

Product Review: Viewer for MS Outlook Messages


The Viewer for MS Outlook Messages is a powerful tool that allows users to conveniently schedule holidays around the world. With this software, you will never miss an important event or national festival in any country. The calendar feature makes it easy to search for official holidays and festivals, grouping them by region, country, and more. Simply place your mouse over any day on the calendar to see what holiday is being celebrated on that day. In addition, the software provides detailed information about each country, including the flag, capital, population, major cities, currency, religions, states, and more.


One of the key strengths of the Viewer for MS Outlook Messages is its user-friendly interface and comprehensive holiday database. The ability to copy the calendar to the clipboard or generate HTML/text files for use as desktop wallpaper or to share with friends is a convenient feature. Automatic updates ensure that you always have the latest list of holidays and product announcements at your fingertips.

Who Should Use It

This software is ideal for individuals or businesses that work with international clients or have a global presence. It is also useful for travelers who want to stay informed about holidays and events in different countries. Additionally, event planners and professionals who need to schedule meetings or events across multiple time zones will find this tool invaluable.


The Viewer for MS Outlook Messages is a must-have tool for anyone who needs to stay organized and informed about holidays and events around the world. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive holiday database, and convenient features make it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses alike.

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