USB over Network (32 USB devices)

Product: USB over Network (32 USB devices)

USB over Network is a versatile software solution that allows users to access and use remote USB devices over a local network or the Internet. With support for up to 32 USB devices, this product is ideal for businesses or individuals who need to share USB peripherals among multiple users.

– Easy setup and configuration: USB over Network is simple to install and configure, making it easy for users to start sharing USB devices quickly.
– Secure connections: The software uses advanced encryption protocols to ensure that data transferred between the local PC and remote USB devices is secure and protected.
– Wide compatibility: USB over Network is compatible with a variety of USB devices, including printers, scanners, storage devices, and more.

Who should use it:
– Small businesses: Small businesses with multiple users who need access to shared USB devices will benefit from USB over Network’s ability to easily share and manage USB peripherals.
– Remote workers: Remote workers who need to access USB devices located in a different location can use USB over Network to connect to and use these devices as if they were connected directly to their local PC.

Overall, USB over Network is a reliable and efficient solution for sharing USB devices over a network. With its easy setup, secure connections, and wide compatibility, this product is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their USB device management.

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