Urlaubsplaner – bis 50 Mitarbeiter – ID Nr. 50-32762122

Product Review: Urlaubsplaner – bis 50 Mitarbeiter – ID Nr. 50-32762122

The Urlaubsplaner is an Excel-based software solution designed for managing staff vacation and time off for departments with up to 50 employees. It functions as a digital staff planning board or wall chart, providing a centralized platform for tracking vacation time, sick leave, and other staff time usage. With the ability to customize time units down to fractions of a day (e.g. 0.25), the Urlaubsplaner offers flexibility and precision in managing employee schedules.

Strengths of the Urlaubsplaner

One of the key strengths of the Urlaubsplaner is its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned Excel user or a beginner, you can easily navigate and utilize the features of the Urlaubsplaner without any prior knowledge of Excel. This makes it a versatile tool for department-level management seeking to streamline their staff scheduling and vacation planning processes.

Additionally, the Urlaubsplaner provides comprehensive statistics and a yearly overview of staff vacation plans, allowing managers to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and staffing. By centralizing vacation planning and time-off requests, the Urlaubsplaner helps to minimize scheduling conflicts and ensure efficient utilization of staff resources.

Who Should Use the Urlaubsplaner

The Urlaubsplaner is ideal for department managers or team leads responsible for coordinating the schedules and time off of up to 50 employees. It is particularly well-suited for organizations with dynamic staffing needs and frequent vacation requests, as it provides a centralized platform for managing and tracking staff time usage.

Whether you are looking to improve efficiency in your department’s scheduling processes, reduce conflicts related to vacation planning, or simply streamline the management of staff time off, the Urlaubsplaner offers a practical and user-friendly solution.


In conclusion, the Urlaubsplaner is a valuable tool for department-level management seeking to optimize staff scheduling and vacation planning. With its user-friendly interface, customizable time units, and comprehensive statistics, the Urlaubsplaner empowers managers to make informed decisions and efficiently allocate staff resources. If you are looking to streamline your department’s scheduling processes and improve overall efficiency, the Urlaubsplaner is a software solution worth considering.

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