URL Decode Filenames Registration

Introducing URL Decode Filenames Registration, a powerful tool that allows you to easily decode all your URL encoded filenames on your hard drive or local network. Say goodbye to confusing file names like “Man%20On%20Mars.jpg” and hello to clear and readable names like “Man On Mars.jpg”.

This handy software features the ability to specify multiple folders to process, ensuring that all your files are decoded efficiently. Additionally, you can choose to recurse all subfolders for a comprehensive decoding process.

One of the standout features of URL Decode Filenames Registration is the test mode, which allows you to preview changes before applying them. This gives you peace of mind knowing exactly how your filenames will be affected.

Furthermore, the software logs all changes made during the decoding process, providing you with a detailed record of the modifications. And in case you need to revert back to the original filenames, the undo option is readily available.

URL Decode Filenames Registration is a must-have tool for anyone dealing with URL encoded filenames. Whether you’re a professional managing a large database of files or a casual user looking to clean up your file names, this software is perfect for you. Don’t waste any more time deciphering cryptic filenames – let URL Decode Filenames Registration do the work for you.

Get your hands on URL Decode Filenames Registration today and experience the convenience of clear and readable filenames. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to organization with this powerful decoding tool.

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